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Veteran and family-owned, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company has 23 years of experience and expertise to offer the greater Atlanta area. You can expect excellence and integrity in our workmanship. Let us be your asphalt and cement paving resource!

From sealcoating to concrete paving, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company is able provide asphalt and cement solutions for all your paving needs. We stand behind our work with a guarantee that you will be satisfied, and remain satisfied, long after the project is completed.


Parking lot repair is addressed simply and efficiently the moment you contact Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company Repair team. We will be your turnkey source for all your cement and asphalt contractor needs. Just place the call, and Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company will take the guesswork out of your cement or asphalt paving situation. We will work diligently to provide you with road patching, paving or driveway remediation at a fantastic, affordable cost.

Need parking lot cost estimates? Contact Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company and receive prompt and punctual service and competitive pricing. Our courteous team is available to answer your questions the moment you call. You won’t have to wait days for a response with Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company! Our sales staff are knowledgeable and ready to equip you with all the information that you need in order to make the best decision for your project. If you need paving solutions, no company has a better reputation for customer care than Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company. You will see that our customers have appropriately placed their confidence in us. Our work on asphalt epoxy repair and overlay is second to none.

Asphalt road paving, no matter how large or how small the project, is addressed with equal urgency by the team of professionals at Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company. Pavement patches or pothole repair can be performed quickly, scheduled so as not to disrupt traffic flow during non- rush hours. Traffic support and traffic direction are available for time intensive projects where safety precautionary measures must be ensured. We also offer advance signage for public notice of your upcoming projects. The public will be grateful for your respect in regards to their commute time. Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company will go the extra mile to help you maintain your reputation with the public!

Best Asphalt, Driveway, and Parking Lot Repair in Atlanta Georgia

For the business or office building owner, we can provide superior service for parking lot/ asphalt refinishing, parking lot dent resurfacing, and parking lot pothole refilling. Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company can even perform superior workmanship on gravel parking lot repair, concrete parking lot repair, blacktop repair, and parking lot scratch repair. We are also skilled at handling projects that involve tarmac, aggregate, pavement or concrete. Concrete sawing and milling are services we excel at. Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company will work equally enthusiastically for public and private entities.

Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company also offers excellent sealcoating solutions. Our sealcoating is performed by qualified technicians using state-of-the-art seal coating machines and equipment. We can rectify or prevent your erosion issues by sealcoating concrete, leaving behind a neat and professional finish. Customers will flock to your business as you demonstrate pride in your property.

Parking lot and road striping is where Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company got its start, and it remains our utmost specialty considering we have over 23 years’ experience in the industry. We offer services that cater to your business time frames in order to keep the stripes clean and fresh. Unlike some competitors, we can schedule our work after your business hours to make sure that your project has the drying time it needs. We guarantee the staying power of our scientifically selected paint. We aim to please!

Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company has the answers you need regarding public works due diligence! Parking lot repair or installation specifications will be coordinated and confirmed and you will be well within the strictest compliance of local codes. Pothole remediation and asphalt solutions are handled with local ordinances in mind. Permits are taken care of by Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company as well.  You can rest assured that the quality product you receive will be permitted and approved by the powers that be without question.
Do you have a lot currently in place that has a parking lot drain problem? Don’t give your customers a reason to avoid your business. Soggy lots can drive your customer to your competitor! Our drainage remediation will keep your employees and customers safe and dry. Call Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company! We will be sure to take care of you.
Positive feedback about Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company has traveled fast among homeowners who have driveway needs. For homeowners who require asphalt services on their driveways, we offer multiple services and accept a wide range of payments including payment plans. In need of driveway pavers? Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company can help with that! Driveway joint sealant? Again, we have you covered! Driveway seal coating, including fashionable personal residence jet black driveway sealcoating, are available with just a quick phone call. Full driveway replacement or reconfigurations of driveways to make main level entrances more accessible are very popular options amongst homeowners. Call Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company and we will offer solutions that you might have never previously considered! We are experts at making your beloved home a realistic ‘forever’ home.

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Top Asphalt Repair Company in Atlanta

In addition to all the above services, we can remedy sinkholes. Many cities in the southeast struggle with sinkholes. Sinkholes can be problematic both in land, streets, and driveways. Call  to provide sinkhole repair to your yard, sinkhole remediation to your streets, or we can remedy the sinkhole in your asphalt driveway. Please contact us even for minor crackfills or patching, handled affordably while the problem is small and not in need of comprehensive sinkhole surface repair.

​The number one reason that parking lots and driveways experience major long-term deterioration is that the owner is intimidated by the potential cost of the project. Give Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company a call and send us a quick photo text of your project. We could possibly get your estimate range over the phone before we even set foot on your property! Parking lot scratch refinishing, pothole filling, asphalt remediation, and especially gravel lot repair, cost much less than the average property owner anticipates. One call is all it takes to set your mind at ease, and our estimates are valid for six months after you place that first call. There’s no need to fret, the team at Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company is here to help!

 Curb and gutter installation are yet another of the many services that Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company can provide. We are capable of repairing curbs and gutters so that you get their maximum use. We can install walkways, or repair walkways. Enhancing the appearance of your your business or home is paramount to Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company. We take pride in your pride!


For new construction or pre-existing homes, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company is able to install or repair home foundations. Do you have moisture issues in your basement? Cracks in your foundation? Keep your home healthy! Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company is able to remedy these problems so that you can stop worrying and start enjoying your home.


In addition to these many services, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company can also provide tree removal, land clearing, hauling, and demolition. We are your solution finder!

Atlanta's  most cost effective paving contractor!

Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing your paving project. Atlanta's climate lends to a possibility of using asphalt or concrete paving. Paving with concrete in Atlanta is cost effective because it lasts longer than asphalt paving. Asphalt paving is cheaper to install but doesn’t last as long. Concrete paving is more expensive and needs regular maintenance but lasts up to ten years longer than asphalt paving. In Atlanta we have done numerous paving contractor projects including parking lot resurfacing for restaurants and driveway installations for Atlanta residents. 
Material costs, foundation, excavation, drainage, sealant, and specialized top coats all need to be priced out when receiving a quote from one of our expert paving contractors. The size and scope of your paving project will determine if you need to have land cleared or excavation services done to make way for the foundation of your paving project. The foundation of your paving project needs to be laid to setup proper drainage. The better the drainage, the longer your asphalt surface will last. Our experienced paving contractors can answer all questions regarding your excavation and drainage needs.
For our driveway paving projects, our paving contractors know what to look for when giving you your free quote. Paving a driveway can be a costly endeavor because in almost all cases the existing driveway must be removed to lay the foundation for the new one. The material costs for paving a driveway vary from road paving projects. Asphalt and concrete are primarily used in road and parking lot paving. The aesthetic value increases in homes that use brick or cobblestone pavers to pave their driveway but also cost much more. Once your materials and labor are decided upon, the size of the driveway determines the rest of the initial cost estimate.  


Atlanta residents looking to upgrade an old home or driveway that was built on a concrete foundation and needs removal, look no further than Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company! Our paving contractors have been removing old concrete foundations and driveways in the greater Atlanta area for over twenty years! The cost will vary due to the machinery needed to complete the job. Reinforced concrete is way more expensive than unreinforced concrete. Our contractor will be able to advise you as to what the most cost effective method will be for your paving project.


When your asphalt surface needs to be treated, some homeowners choose to take care of the project themselves while commercial or industrial jobs need professional care. If you wish to have a contractor give you an estimate on sealing your driveway it is usually an inexpensive service. Costs can rise if chips or cracks need to be properly fixed before the seal coat can be put down. Proper cleaning will need to be done as part of preparation, as well as deciding on the amount of coats you wish to put down. Weather and amount of traffic are determining factors when deciding on how many seal coats you will wish to put down. Commercial and industrial surfaces always need multiple coats and usually require many repairs to cracked and busted surfaces. We have been seal coating in the greater Atlanta area on jobs large and small for over twenty years! Call or contact us today to receive a free quote from one of our paving contractors today!


You can prevent yourself a headache if you take care of any paving issues before they get out of hand. Atlanta has been using our contractors to take care of cracks and pothole repairs for many years. One of our expert paving contractors can come to your Atlanta location and give you a free consultation on your crack or pothole repair project. Keeping the asphalt or concrete surface repaired and maintained at all times will keep costs at a minimum and extend the life of your paved surface. Most jobs are inexpensive if you catch it in time. Larger potholes might need foundation repair and drainage issues addressed which can make costs rise, but the costs to install a new roadway, driveway, or parking lot because of unaddressed issues are exponentially higher. Our paving contractors have sealed cracks and filled large potholes for the greater Atlanta area with pride and value our relationship with our customers. Call or contact Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company today to get your crack or pothole project started!

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